Show Time with Joshua Jay

Come join me for my virtual show, broadcast from my home in New York City. It’s the perfect opportunity for me to perform a different kind of magic show–one that takes you behind the curtain and into the mind of a magician.

In this 75 minute performance of How Magicians Think, I’ll perform some of my favorite pieces with playing cards, plus a brand new thing. And between tricks we’ll chat about the history, craft, and psychology of magicians.

Join me for a celebration of what it is I like most about magic. This is a show for people who share this passion, but also those of you interested in the creative process, how our brains process information, and the secret psychology of magicians.

The show takes part on March 3rd, at 9pm ET (and will be available to stream after the event if that time doesn’t work for you). I can’t wait to see you all there.