Milchgläser – Dimishing Milk – Multum in parvo by Bazar De Magia


The milk contained in a huge glass of milk strangely diminishes as it is poured into a smaller glass. It then diminishes once again as it is poured into an even smaller glass. But that’s not all, as the milk diminishes again after having been poured into a really tiny glass. Time after time the milk seems vanish into thin air, and at the end the milk that was contained into the huge glass fits perfectly into the tiny one.

Ideal magic for both children and adults.

• Big Capacity.
• The glasses resist falls.
• Bazar de magia quality
• 4 Glasses made of Polycarbonate.
• Height of the tallest glass: 13 cm (5,2 inches).
• Height of the smallest glass: 6,5 cm (2,6 inches).
• Includes Bill Malone and Canki´s ingenious idea to performer as MC or adult magic.

Anbieter: Zaubershop Frenchdrop

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