Ryan Schultz’s Effortless Effects


Do you like super easy to perform card magic that requires almost NOsleight of hand but still packs a MIGHTY punch? If so, RYAN SCHULTZ’S EFFORTLESS EFFECTS IS FOR YOU!

Effortless Effects features seven full routines, all of which utilizes techniques that will absolutely decimate even knowledgeable magicians. So justIMAGINE how fooled normal spectators will be! There is no back tracking these effects, the methods are just too devious.

Incredibly easy to perform, each routine is a masterclass in how structure, psychology and ingenious thinking can create earth shattering magic. Magicians of any skill level will be able to perform the trick on Effortless Effects, and the results will be the same for all – a shellshocked audience.

And with no sleights to worry about this is 100% about having fun in presenting the tricks.

Ryan also delves into his ultra sneaky „GAP Principle“ – a super simple to implement strategy that gives you outrageous control over the cards. Learn it in minutes – utilize it in your magic forever!


– Clearly See Thru
– No Hassle Hof
– Split Decision
– Wrongly Convicted
– Forget To Remember
– Fish Sandwich
– Needs a Name


– The GAP Principle

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