The Secrets of Cups and Balls – Vol. 2

The Secrets of Cups and Balls, Vol. 2

What can one say about the Cups and Balls? It’s an iconic trick and has become almost as synonymous with the conjurer’s art as the proverbial rabbit from hat. It’s certainly one of magic’s oldest tricks. But why has this trick endured the centuries? For one thing, a Cups and Balls routine can incorporate many different effects – there can be vanishes, appearances, transpositions and productions. For another, it’s always been regarded within the magic world as a kind of measuring stick of a performer’s ability.


Mendoza Cups and Balls – John Mendoza
Cups and Balls – Johnny Thompson
Indian Cups and Balls – Steve Dacri
Single Cup and Ball – Larry Jennings
Cups and Balls – Marc DeSouza

Running Time Approximately 1hr 51min

(Bildnachweis + Text: Zaubershop Frenchdrop)

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