Magical Problems & Mental Solutions by Michael Murray (Book) – engl.

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Magical Problems and Mental Solutions contains a combination of nine ideas which are adaptable to both close up and stage work.

These notes contain a combination of newer ideas (which will be included in my upcoming book „The Missing Piece“ and older ideas which have previously seen print).

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Thirteen Steps to Creativity: An essay detailing tried and tested techniques to unlock your true creative potential.

Selling the Reaction: A solid method for increasing the perceived reaction to countless effects.

Wordsmith Effects: (Three effects requiring nothing more than the use of words).

The Collective Conscious: Connect with your audience and generate a standing ovation to the conclusion of your show.

Directional Intuition: A method which seemingly allows you to both identify and resolve an unsolved problem which is exclusively locked within the mind of your spectator.

Crowd Control (Originally included in the Ltd. Version of APOMM): A method which allows you to implant thoughts and control the actions of a spectator (opens up a whole new approach to some of the more popular mentalism plots). Note: This has been slightly updated from the original handling.

One in Ten Thousand: A method in which your spectator is seemingly able to intuit your PIN or Mobile Unlock Code (uses a borrowed iPhone).

Perfect Opener: A nice follow-up effect to „One in Ten Thousand“ where the spectators correctly intuited number is clearly shown to be the exact unlock code for your mobile.

The Svengali Forcing Pad: This includes a full examination of both the introduction and subsequent use of this amazing tool.

What is in a Name?: In this routine, you are seemingly able to reveal both the name and star sign of a spectator and better still you are able to teach your spectator how to do it too!

The Ringer: This is a method for ringing in a preshow volunteer into your show allowing you to capitalise upon previously forced information via a Sven Pad.

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