SOLOMAGIA Saturn Hyperspace Playing Cards

SOLOMAGIA Saturn Hyperspace Playing Cards - vorgestellt im

SOLOMAGIA Saturn Hyperspace Playing Cards - vorgestellt im

Hyperspace Saturn Playing Cards: light years ahead!

Activated by old casino-style playing cards, Saturn is a deck from the future.
Characterized by elegant geometric shapes and ultramodern design, it pushes the normal handling of cards into hyperspace.

Unlike the other playing cards before these, the Saturns are the first cards in the universe to explore the partial edges.
With red and white stripes „go faster“ around the edge: fans, spins and spreads will have a new life in your hands.

Like the backs of the cards, the case is dark gray, engraved with red lines and glows of white. All proudly finished with a chrome foil emblem on the front of the box.

FUNNY FACT: The Sturn Hyperspace were originally called „space jam“. Some counterfeit decks have been discovered on the market, but all the original decks have SPACE JAM printed on the side of the case and not „Hyperspace“.

Owned by Ellusionist, the Saturn Hyperspace decks have been in their warehouse ready for launch for over two years. Sometimes the designs are so advanced that they must be kept „locked“ until the Earth is ready!
And with a limited circulation, only 10,000 passengers will do this tour.

Ellusionist quality.
Cards are poker format.

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